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August 16, 2007

Company Naming Changes and Brand Naming Went Hand in Hand in 2006.

In the course of our research into Company Naming Changes in 2006 and into this year, we discovered that companies often change names to build up their brand name.

YPCom.gif Take's recent decision to distance itself from the very well known... and valuable... Yellow Pages brand name. Despite the ubiquity of the yellow pages name, and its instant recognizability among consumers, YP wanted to broaden its appeal to local advertisers and create a space where it could appeal to new media categories.

When GS Carbon changed its company name to Seaway Valley Capital Corp., Thomas Scozzafava, the founder of Seaway Capital, Inc., noted that the name signified its complete departure from its past ownership. This meant the company could also move in a new direction, and the brand name was starting fresh.

When L.A. CAD moved to U.S. CAD, it was a shift to focus on the company's customer base in civil, mechanical, and architectural design, building engineering, and geospatial industries.

On a lighter note, I was interested to see last week that CNBC had changed the name of its show Morning Call to The Call, possibly at least partly because a show that starts at 11 AM is really not giving us a morning call at all!

RockyBrands.gif Our proprietary Company Naming Changes report looks at how a brand can literally get too big for its boots, such as when Rocky Shoes and Boots, Inc. changed its company name to Rocky Brands to better reflect the fact that it was actually an amalgamation of well known brand names such as Durango and Dickies as well as newly acquired Michelin Footwear and Zumfoot.

And sometimes we see a new company name even reflect a change in climate, such as when PanAmerican Bancorp switched to Sun America Bancorp following its strategic focus on South Florida.

Company naming is intimately associated with brand naming. We would suggest that organizations such as Datameg, who are currently struggling with a name change, take a peek at how others have done it by clicking on the Company Naming Changes Report button at the top of our home page.

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Posted by William Lozito at August 16, 2007 8:30 AM
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