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July 24, 2007

Hot Ghetto Mess The Worst Naming Mistake of 2007, Possibly Ever

Who says bloggers can't force a media company to reexamine its naming strategy?

The recent news that the exploitative and ridiculous Hot Ghetto Mess aired by BET has had its name changed to We Got To Do Better, is great news for anyone with a shred of decency.

The change was forced on the network largely through the efforts of one lone blogger, Gina McCauley, whose blog, What About Our Daughters slammed the incredibly racist content of this show which is, amazingly, supported by a black network despite the fact that it references an obscene website that might as well be a propaganda medium for the KKK.

Jasmyne Cannick asks the logical question about the name change: "After we finish laughing at each other so hard that it hurts, are we then supposed to be inspired to do better for ourselves?"

One thing is clear: No sponsor in its right mind wants to tie their brand name to a show (and by proxy to a website) "featuring naked black women and a black-face cartoon."

BET-logo.gifIt seems that no one on TV is more exploitative of black culture than BET, who has claimed that they are not really backpedaling: The original name of the show was Hot Ghetto Mess: We Got To Do Better.

Yeah, whatever.

Jack and Jill Politics asks: "When will the minstrel shows end?" and suggest the current grammatically incorrect name get changed to BET Got to Do Better.

BET, nix the show, you nitwits.

You don't have to be a naming company to see that this is rotten to the core.

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Posted by William Lozito at July 24, 2007 8:50 AM
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I totally agree with you. As a great a job as Gina has done, she can't do it alone. Many of us have emailed back and forth, but not stepped up to corral our collective voices and be heard.

The name change is a cheap trick designed to take our eyes off the prize which is the removal of the show.

And I even worry that Gina herself may allow them to sidestep around all the work she's done by congratulating herself before the end game.

Hopefully she'll continue to lead us towards getting this show cancelled, instead of being appeased by the name change. We need her strength of purpose just like we need every individual to write, call, and support. This is more than one picture of what you to consider demeaning and ghetto.

No, this is our people being sold a bill of goods that neither represents us nor is worthy of our viewership.

I don't need to watch Hot Ghetto Mess to know that we are a messed-up people... What Hot Ghetto Mess showed me was that there are some people willing to get in a room and see just how much they can insult us, it doesn't matter if they are black or white they know we have no insult level. Therefore, they keep showing us that everyday case in point Berry Bond is two homeruns from being the best and the greatest in the world but they are talking about A-Rod catching him or Hank Aaron won't come to congratulate him. While a bunch of dog loving white folks upset that some folks was fighting dog and cost a man his job. I wonder why white folks didn't get upset, when Bull Conner put dogs on us in the south, that was a misuse of dogs. When the Good ole boys was fighting dogs up in the hills before black folks ever knew what dog fighting was all about did they get upset then. Where was PETA then. So no I don't need to watch Hot Ghetto Mess , or favor of love , or the parkers, or I Love New York or any of that mess to know we are just messed up and messed with...

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