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July 9, 2007

Boeing's Dreamliner is Wonderfully Soporific Product Naming

Boeing-Dreamliner.gif The news that Boeing has unveiled the new 787 Dreamliner yesterday Sunday, July 8th, has me thinking that this product name is helping Boeing take on rival Airbus, whose competing, mammoth A350 XB has been beset with problems.

There are two reasons why I think Dreamliner is a good name:

  • First of all, this may be the first passenger jet brand name that we all can remember, aside from the 747. The Dreamliner name sets it apart immediately from the instantly forgettable Airbus 350 brand name.
  • Second, the Dreamliner brand name speaks to what every economy class passenger wants more than in-seat entertainment or pretzels: to sleep, perchance to dream (to quote Hamlet).

Ay, there's the rub. A name like Dreamliner gives me, a long haul traveler, pause. It sounds like I can sleep on a Dreamliner.

And I know I can't sleep on a bus... even if it's an Airbus.

Passengers on the Dreamliner will experience less turbulence via the aptly named "smooth-ride technology." They will experience better humidification, bigger bathrooms, bigger bins and bigger windows... as well as bigger seats and aisles. These things induce peaceful sleep.

I think that the whole point of the rivalry between Airbus and Boeing is to wind up in a place where passengers choose an airline because of what type of plane the airline is flying.

Boeing-Dreamliner2.gif Dreamliner is easy to remember and the name promises sweet dreams. I also think we may be seeing the launch of another airplane name that will stick, and companies that can say they fly Dreamliners may be able to reach for the clouds, starting with the Japanese airline, All Nippon Airways, the first to fly the dreamliner.

Good brand naming, Boeing.

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Posted by William Lozito at July 9, 2007 9:34 AM
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