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July 26, 2007

Are Domain Names Becoming Brand Names in the Press?

An interesting post has been published by The Conceptualist that looks at the way established brand names are now referring to themselves in the press using their domain name.

Our proprietary analysis of company name changes showed a definate obvious shift away from dot-com names. I'm wondering, just wondering, if we're going full circle with dot-com names beginning to become in vogue again? Could this be due to the Web 2.0 influence. Or is this just another example of the natural rhythm of nature. What's out is in, and what's in is out, back to what's out is in.

But The Conceptualist has identified the fact that while the company's official name may not be a dot-com, they are happy to refer to themselves that way.

ABC-Logo.gifThe Conceptualist points out that ABC refers to themselves as and that Advanced Internet Technologies refers to themselves at

That's a darn good observation, and illustrates the fluidity of company naming.

Although it's obviously becoming easier for companies to simply refer to themselves as domain names if they want to drive traffic to their site, it also makes having a domain name that is pretty close to your company name or brand name much more important.

Obviously, your domain name has become a crucial part of naming a business.

20th-cent-logo.gifThis is all probably ringing a bell at Twentieth Century Fox, who just won its suit against a cybersquatter over The Simpsons Movie domain name.

In any event, the real game here, of course, is getting people to come to your web site without having to type in the domain directly.

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Posted by William Lozito at July 26, 2007 10:33 AM
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Interesting concept. Destination Marketing Organizations in the US are increasingly changing their names from the "(name of city) CVB" to their more "action" oriented URLs:


...just to name a few.

While part of this stems from the public not understanding what a CVB is (Convention & Visitors Bureau) or does...the hope that consumers will link website to agency is a pretty big driver.

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