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July 23, 2007

5 Boroughs Ice Cream Staten Island Landfill Great Product Naming

I believe that one great way of getting people interested in your brand name is to get people angry at you.

5-logo.gif This is certainly the case with 5 Boroughs Ice Cream, a New York based ice cream company which was attacked last month by Staten Island Borough President James P. Molinaro for their Staten Island Landfill flavor.

Seems Mr. Molinaro found this product name "insulting and derogatory" to the borough.

But after Mr. Molinaro's outburst (and his urging that Staten Islanders boycott the stuff), sales skyrocketed, drawing attention to the company's other cheeky product names that have a distinct New York flair: Upper East Side Rich White Vanilla, Jackson Heights Mangodesh, Bakla-Wha?! and South Bronx Cha Cha Chocolate.

This has even prompted people to write in from Connecticut asking for their own flavor on the grounds that the small state is the "sixth borough."

ice-cream.gifI'm all for supporting the small business person and like the idea of these unique names on ice cream. New Yorkers, I would bet, eat lots of ice cream, as do the rest of us, who all want a piece of the city. And there can be no doubt that when a name enrages certain people, well, you're on your way.

Especially if it's a clever name.

On the other hand, McDonald's ill-fated Supersize name branding campaign seems to have come back from the dead in a new format: The "Hugo," a whopping 42 oz. drink that you can get for as little as 89 cents.

The New York Times says they may as well call it the "Tubbo" and notes that Wendy's is also offering its own gargantuan drink brand name: The medium is now "The Biggie".

McDonald's knows that they are really competing with places like 7-Eleven, who have been offering The Big Gulp for years.

The celebrity diet doctor calls this "Super-Sized II, The Sequel" and another blogger wonders why McDonald's would name a drink after a hurricane.

As for me, I was reminded of Hugo the Hippo, which is what we'll become if we drink too many of these things.

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Posted by William Lozito at July 23, 2007 9:09 AM
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