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June 25, 2007

iPop Goes the Weasel

Orbitcoms logoNew Zealand software company has created a CRM (customer relationship management) tool which makes substantial use of pop-up windows. Their proposed name for the product? "."

And , naturally, has objected. It might not be possible to trademark that initial lower-case "i," but even so, anyone who uses it, particularly for software or electronics, is going to get slapped with an iLawsuit.

In this case, Apple might have some justification: there is only one letter’s difference between “iPop” and “iPod.” It’s highly unlikely anyone would ever confuse the two products, but it’s possible they would confuse the names, and expect something with the name “iPop” to be manufactured by Apple, Inc.

Apple may actually be doing Orbitcoms a favor. “iPop” is a frivolous name, and CRM is serious business. The name suggests consumer entertainment, not corporate productivity.

Using a different name would save Orbitcoms at least NZ$50,000 and probably resonate better with their target market.

But I don’t recommend they call the product “PopI.”

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Posted by William Lozito at June 25, 2007 1:17 PM
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