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June 5, 2007

Don’t FEAR New Brand Naming Contest

FEAR logo and are giving you a chance to be a product naming consultant and submit names for the new game brand.

Three finalists will get to travel to Monolith and will get their own names and faces in the game itself.

You cannot use the name "F.E.A.R 2", despite the fact that the current owners of the name, , will be using it beside the winner’s name in another game. The two companies had a falling out that left Warner Bros. and Monolith with the game and Vivendi with the name.

I like the fact that the website where you can enter the contest is called "." I’m sure this irritates Vivendi to no end.

I would imagine that Monolith and Warner Bros. would like a name that improves on, but still hearkens back to, the F.E.A.R name, an acronym for "First Encounter Assault Recon".

T.E.R.R.O.R is too long, I think. I assume that almost all of the possible combinations of the word “fear” have been protected by Vivendi.

Possibly the way forward is to name the new game after a character or the "universe" of the game itself, or else think of a very slick way to use the word fear.

I wonder if the leet-speak F34R is protected. Or 433R? Or just F3AR?

The Thinktechno blog has posted a description of the game as well as a few screen shots to help get your creative juices going.

Already, one forum poster has offered the brand name BEER. Probably a non-starter?

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Posted by William Lozito at June 5, 2007 9:39 AM
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I am the Community Manager for Monolith, and I would like to thank you for taking an interest in the NameYourFear contest. I have actually directed several of our forum members to your site for further education about the brand naming process. There is a great article on IGN about some of the more ridiculous names we have recieved:


Community Manager
Monolith Productions

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