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June 16, 2007

Danny Devito Becomes Limoncello, Restaurant Brand Name

Danny DeVito claims to put his name on "every single thing I do," so it is no surprise that his new restaurant is called . This just opened following his decision to launch a new Limoncello drink in August called after a very embarrassing episode on the View where he was still a bit tipsy from the night before. Talk about turning lemons into, well, limoncello!

The opening looks like it was typical Hollywood A-list fare in the trendy SoFi (South of Fifth) neighborhood. If you want to drop in, smart money says the Global Steak Flight is the thing to order: it offers cuts from Japanese Kobe Beef, Australian Wagyu Rollatini and American Kobe Flat Iron. An interesting name indeed for what must be a very expensive dish.

The LA Times notes that there is certainly a long list of celebrities who have tried to “become a brand name” — Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, Paul Newman and Elizabeth Taylor, to name a few.

But one word of warning seems to be that stars like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis failed to make a go of it with Planet Hollywood despite their brand name clout.

Britney Spears’s restaurant seems to be going strong — interesting she turned down the name "Pinky" for her own restaurant (the nickname ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake gave her) and avoided putting her own name over the door.

On that note, my favorite name for a celebrity restaurant is , a Broadway eatery that is partially owned by Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Mel Brooks, Harvey and Bob Weinstein, as well as writer Frank McCourt.

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