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May 10, 2007

Product Naming: Do General Mills and Curves Work Out Together?

header_logo.gifFood Business Review Online reports today that Minneapolis-based General Mills will be partnering with Curves to launch a Curves cereal and Curves Chewy Granola bars. According to BusinessWire, the granola bars will be available in Chocolate Peanut as well as Strawberries + Cream flavors while the cereal will offer Whole Grain Crunch and Honey Crunch.

These are safe product names—we don’t see anything like “General Mills’ Curvy Crunch.” The idea is to sell the cereal off the equity of the Curves company name.

This integration of two big brand names has already been getting some attention in the blogosphere. I agree with Lloyd of The Breakfast Bowl blog that this will give General Mills the ability to better compete with Kellogg’s well-entrenched brand name Special K.

GMLogo.gifGeneral Mills is now in a long-term partnership with Curves that will give it excusive promotion rights to “several key food categories encompassing everything from licensed products to consumer promotion activity.” This means, I think, that if the cereal and granola bars sell, we can expect more Curves branded foods from General Mills. How about Curves Yoplait Yogurt?

Frankly, you have to wonder why they didn’t do this sooner? Curves is probably the best known women’s gym brand name in the country and the company name is already all about changing your life “30 minutes at a time.”

Its advertising avoids showing leotard–clad amazons: Curves is the gym for the Oprah set. They already have a diet recommendations in place as well as their own magazine, which will be a logical promotional outlet for the new cereal and granola bar brands.

Watch out Kellogg’s. The time has come when co-branded cereal names can quickly level the playing field.

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Posted by William Lozito at May 10, 2007 9:54 AM
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This is a brilliant move. And you're right...why wasn't it done sooner? It's one of those cases of "once you see it, it's a no-brainer"

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