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May 5, 2007

Martha Stewart’s Brand Name on Costco Frozen Food - Is It a Good Thing?

Martha Stewart and home doyen are set to partner on a new ready-made food line: the foods will have both Costco’s Kirkland signature label and a Martha Stewart label." The new food line is likely to be branded "Kirkland Signature by Martha Stewart."

Madison Avenue West sniffs that "Stewart’s cracked-country style doesn’t fit in with the metal shelves of Costco."

The New York Times notes that the Martha Stewart brand name has been a little sour as of late, but her Martha Stewart Everyday bedding, cookware and dishes brand name is doing well at low-end and she is set to produce high end furniture for .

Kirkland logo and , on the other hand, are luminaries who have made it big in food.

Apartment Therapy hopes she brings "a good thing" to her food line by emphasizing "real cooking" at home. Unfortunately, most respondents to their survey asking "What do you think about Martha Stewart's new partnership to sell food at Costco?" say "I’m just not that into it."

Martha has high brand name recognition and if the "metal shelves of Costco" are good enough for Dom Perignon’s high end brand name, why not Martha’s?

Or is this an example of, as Jack Trout would say, extending the Martha Steward brand too far, motivated by greed?

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Posted by William Lozito at May 5, 2007 4:04 PM
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Martha Stewart and Michaels Crafts. Could have been a good combination, except Michaels discount coupon is honored for everything in the store...except Martha Stewart craft products. Is squeezing every penny out of every consumer a good far as customer satisfaction goes...probably not.

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