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May 2, 2007

Kate Moss, the Brand Name

Kate Moss’s new fashion line has drawn crowds in London and she’s coming to a near you.

Her new collection literally brought London's main shopping street to a standstill yesterday... fans were limited as to how many items they could buy at a time.

At least one blogger says that we may be due for some "," but nobody can deny that Kate Moss is a very, very bankable brand name.

Now she is headed to Barney’s in New York on May 8th, where I predict she will cause the same pandemonium she did in London.

The name Kate Moss is simply unsinkable: she is at once a celebrity name, a brand name and a product name all in one. No matter what she does or how she behaves, she seems to simply make us want more of her.

I think that we can safely say that high fashion can easily go mainstream, so long as the right supermodel’s name is attached to the clothing.

I think all this goes to show that the old adage that "any publicity is good publicity" might just be true.

Or going to "rehab" is the fashion du jour (pun intended).

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Posted by William Lozito at May 2, 2007 10:53 AM
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