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May 2, 2007

Google Kills Mockingbird, Introduces iGoogle Brand Name

iGoogle logoBy now everyone knows that : .

The naming seems aimed to appeal to Apple users (or, possibly, not). The Inside Google Blog notes that the homepage was not even supposed to have a name in the first place.. its codename was “Mockingbird.”

At least one Mac User seems happy with it, although it does not seem to be overtly Mac friendly. Yesterday, PC World’s Harry McCracken went a step further with an excellent piece on the name, noting that Apple probably will not bother to sue Google over the name, given that Google CEO Eric Schmidt is on the Apple board.

More than that, he points out that when Apple uses the lowercase “I” it usually is referring to the Internet (iWeb, iLife, iPod, iPhone). Google is using it to refer to the personal pronoun to emphasize the personalization aspect of the site. However, the likelihood of confusion trumps this reasoning in the eyes of trademark law.

I have blogged at some length about how many products use a lowercase "I".

If Apple sues Google they could add hundreds of people to their list!

I see, however, that PC World’s poll currently shows that 40% of respondents believe the name is “lame” and only 6% of them think its “cool.” But then again, PC people always are a little touchy about anything that sounds like it was made by Apple.

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Posted by William Lozito at May 2, 2007 10:07 AM
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Hey... It's a common misconception that the "PC" in PC World refers to computers like Dell, Toshiba, etc, that use Windows operating systems. But, the "PC" in PC World refers to Personal Computers, which means both Windows-based computers and Mac-based computers, FYI!

I just think using the "i" is ridiculous. Seems like one of Google's April Fool's Day jokes!

I like Mockingbird better :)

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