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May 7, 2007

Aquafina Brand Name Extends to Skincare

aquafinawrinkle.gifPepsiCo is getting into the health and beauty industry by extending its Aquafina bottled water brand name into cosmetics aisle. It is about to introduce Aquafina Hydration RX, a 10 SKU skincare line created by licensee Added Extras.

Can a bottled water brand name survive in the skincare aisle? One of the dealmakers believes it can, stating that "Hydration is the basis of any effective skincare product and Aquafina delivers on the promise of hydration."

According to Brandweek, skincare and beverages are becoming a “hot combination,” with Anheuser-Busch and Coca-Cola wooing partners—and probably looking into some interesting cooperative marketing efforts.

I think the core values behind almost any bottled water brand - purity, health, cleanliness - seem transferable to the skincare line. Aquafina has already moved into the lip-balm category with some success, proving that the product name has extendibility.

I'm sure that PepsiCo has thoroughly researched what the Aquafina name brings to the cosmetics aisle. Having said that, I think it's a stretch and more likely to be less successful than successful.

aquafina-logo.jpgThis news, however, comes on the tails of concerns that PepsiCo is misleading customers by showing a mountain range and sun on its logo, which suggests that the water is from a mountain source. It’s not, of course.

An advocacy group, Corporate Accountability International, is asking that Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Nestlé reveal the origins (tap water) and quality information about their water right on the bottles labels. A good idea.

Do you think the Aquafina logo gives the impression that it comes from a natural mountain source?

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Posted by William Lozito at May 7, 2007 8:14 AM
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In short term - maybe. But in long term in places, where Aquafina water is strong, no chances to establish strong skincare brand. Strong skincare can be only in sacrifice of water or where is no competition.


Thanks for your comment.

I just saw this last night at Wal-Mart, and purchased 4 items - the face wash, toner, facial mist, and exfoliating scrub.

I haven't used the exfoliating scrub yet, but the face wash, toner and facial mist are very nice, and all items I would purchase again! I hope this line proves to be successful, because I quite like it!

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