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April 1, 2007

VW Eos Product Naming Includes Scarves, Shoes, iPods

VW EosThe new is clearly aimed at women: its name means "goddess of the dawn" and is also the name of a new upscale airline.

I have been following the VW Eos for a while and have noticed that VW has co-branded with fashion brand names , and to create a new line of "lifestyle accessories" around the Eos that include silk scarves, cashmere blankets and wraps as well as driving shoes and gloves.

I think naming a car Eos to appeal to woman (Karl Brauer is tempted to call it a "really cool secretary's car") is a wise move and I do not often see a car so single mindedly aimed at women.

Possibly VW’s offering to men — and that’s petty much all the rest of its cars — is being bolstered by the introduction of the overseas that has MacUser saying, "While the iGolf looks like a nice car, it’s still pretty amazing to see an iPod accessory that’s a car."

Wired's Gadget Lab is calling it the "ultimate iPod dock": in fact, the iPod fits into the armrest. It's pretty amazing that this warrants a name change.

I doubt that we will see the VW iGolf brand name in the US anytime soon, however there is already an iGolf here (of course): the distance finder.

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Posted by William Lozito at April 1, 2007 12:19 PM
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About 3 or 4 years ago I worked at a firm that was approached by VW-US (as opposed to VW Germany) to help name a new car (now the Eos).

VW Germany wanted to call the car the Cabrio, and VW-US said that would be a big mistake. Reason being: the new car was aimed at middle-aged men who buy stylish, powerful convertibles, not younger women.

Since the Cabrio had become known in the 80's and 90's in the US as a car for young women, VW-US convinced Germany to explore alternative names that would allow the car to be marketed to more affluent, middle-aged men.

So, my guess is that the accessories are all supposed to suggest the "premium" nature of the car and not target females. And while Eos is the goddess of the dawn, I don't think that a feminine name necessarily means it's aimed at women.

Eos sounds sexy and evocative -- good traits for a name that's supposed to appeal to middle-aged men. Also, Canon's Eos camera line isn't a female-targeted product.

(Note: Eos was not one of the names created by my former company.)

I'm glad that year after year, there are signs that women all over the globe are being empowered, especially this one. had been consulted by lots of US based car dealers on how to make an appeal with their product to women drivers. It's just about time that we, women, had a say in this male dominated industry. After all, we are drivers and passengers alike. Right?

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