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April 9, 2007

Bathys Product Naming Goes Deep

Sometimes there's a company that simply gets naming right. Such is the case with Bathys Hawaii Watch Co.

bathys_hawaii.jpgThis small “company that could” is going to be exhibiting its watches alongside the biggest watch brand names at Baselworld in Switzerland this week, which is the watch industry's biggest trade show.

Gizmodo has high praise for Bathys watches. CrunchGear and the Wristwatch Review both love the watches, as does the Professional Watches Wristwatch Blog.

The name (pronounced BATH-is) is from the Greek word meaning “deep,” and the owner of the company, John Patterson, claims that the watches are water resistant to 660 feet. The flagship brand name is the “Bathys Hawaii 100 Fathom.”

benthic-s-s-b.gifWhat is also interesting is how “Hawaii” has been so seamlessly incorporated into the brand name. The website says, “We’re not really into slogans,” but of course that “Hawaii” in bold letters under the company name acts as one. Or at least works like one. “Hawaii” is simply an intrinsic part of this watch's name and its brand story, even more so than, say “Switzerland” or “Swiss” is to Rolex.

I cannot think of another watch where a U.S. state name is part of the company name; they even have a map of the Hawaiian Islands engraved on the back of the watch casebacks. The tiny words “Swiss Made” are at their usual position under the 6, possibly because watch lovers, including surfers and divers, clearly the target market, would like a watch that's designed in Hawaii, but not actually made there. Go figure.

They will also be introducing the “AquaCulture,” a term that means, essentially, "fish farming." I suppose the use of the capital "C" helps make the watch also stand for the “culture around water.”

There will also be “The Benthic.” The benthic zone refers to the lowest level of a body of water, so it's a very nice naming approach. Another Bethys brand name on the horizon, “The Pelagic,” means “the open sea” in Greek.

All of these will feature the “Hawaii” name in bold letters above the product name, promising water lovers from around the world a taste of rugged island life. Here’s hoping Switzerland gives Patterson a big “aloha.”

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Posted by William Lozito at April 9, 2007 12:44 PM
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