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March 28, 2007

Today’s Simplicity Trend, Not So Simple?

Today’s trend toward simplicity has not merely taken hold, for today’s time-starved consumer, it grips the very vitals of our being.

Evidence is all around us. Popular magazine and book titles certainly support the theory. Simply look to your local newsstand for publications like:

  • Real Simple
  • Simple Scrapbooks
  • Simple Living
  • Simple & Delicious

radical_simplicity.gifAnd a simple sampling of recent book titles would reveal a spectrum of simplicity:

  • From Voluntary Simplicity to Compact Simplicity
  • From Rational Simplicity to Radical Simplicity
  • From Deep Simplicity to Profound Simplicity

But a society is also judged by what it eats, and nowhere is the simple trend more revealing than in the rash of new supermarket brand names containing the word simple. I’ll mention just a few...

  • Simple Harvest and So Simple - Quaker cereals
  • Simple Selections - ConAgra frozen meals
  • Simple Touch and Simple Measures - flavored oils from Smuckers
  • Simple Delights - snack bars
  • Simple Snacks - from Tree of Life
  • Simple Recipe - Gerber
  • Pure & Simple - yogurt from Yoplait
  • Simplesse - Nutrasweet
  • Simple Traditions - Butterball
  • Simple Sensations - seafood
  • Pure and Simple - meat
  • Simple Solutions - P&G
  • Simple Indulgence - Cadbury Adams

SaraLee_Simple_Sweets.gifAnd very recently, Sara Lee announced its new Simple Sweets line of individual serve frozen pies targeted at empty nesters who want to eliminate leftovers. Yes, a single serve pie does make our life easier, but do we really need another name with simple in it, making the grocery aisle even more complicated to navigate?

The answer is not so simple.

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Posted by Diane Prange at March 28, 2007 11:30 AM
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Though "simple" seems on its way to becoming oversaturated in the market, I'm happy to see its increasing use. I write a weekly blog for women looking for simplicity (but not the extreme kind; just simplicity within the lives they already have) at, and the response to my posts from busy women who need direction, and the worldwide trend toward simplifying (even if it's in a commercial sense) is great to see. It seems simple living isn't the minority position in pursuing the Great American Dream anymore.

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