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March 6, 2007

Ice Taps Popular with Bill O'Reilly

Remember Pixy Stix, the powdered candy packaged in a wrapper resembling a drinking straw, normally poured from the wrapper into the mouth?

Imagine you have a sore throat and you could use Pixy Stix to soothe it. You pour the medicine in your mouth and it dissolves silently and quickly.

That's what the experience of using Ice Taps® is like. It's the #1 cough soothing medicine in Japan, and now it's available in the U.S.

IceTaps.gifIce Taps® is a unique, convenient, fast-melting granule taken without water to relieve, refresh and rejuvenate sore throats, quite differently than traditional throat lozenges and sprays. The powdered cough and cold medicine comes in boxes of twelve single-serve packets and can be taken straight from the package.

Even Bill O'Reilly and Dr. Laura Schlessinger use it.

Strategic Name Development created the Ice Taps® brand name. Our objective was to create a simple and suggestive name with a refreshing connotation. Ice Taps® connotes the experience of using the product while employing very natural language and only two short syllables.

It's a metaphorical name that cleverly conveys tapping into cool refreshment to soothe your throat.

“Ice Taps® is not only a new product in the cough/cold category, but it represents Solstice Medicine Company's introduction to U.S. consumers and retailers. We are very pleased with the name development expertise provided by Strategic Name Development,” said Douglas Momii, National Sales Manager, Solstice Medicine Company.

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