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March 3, 2007

How Good is Your English? Flex Your Language Knowledge.

The IndependentI find the name consulting business fascinating. Ever since I can remember, I have had a love for words and language.

That's why I was excited to see a wonderful word and language contest in the Saturday, March 3rd edition of The Independent in the UK. Plus, anyone who answers the questions correctly can win one of five Toshiba 32” HD-Ready TVs.

Here are the questions:

  1. What is the slang expression used in the Stock Exchange to describe a temporary recovery in share prices after a substantial fall?
  2. The US Democratic party slogan aimed at the somewhat untrustworthy figure of Richard Nixon in the 1968 presidential election has since passed into common usage. What was it?
  3. A Nazi; A Witch; A Communist; An Angel; A Monster from Outer Space. These words all come from film titles. In each instance, what same two words precedes them?
  4. What nine-syllable word describes a 17th-century reaction against theological controversies, instead calling for toleration?
  5. Of the 192 member countries in the United Nations, only four comprise one syllable. What are they?
  6. What everyday nine-letter word has only one vowel?
  7. When Liverpool Airport was renamed after John Lennon, it adopted a four-word phrase from a famous Lennon lyric for its new slogan. What is the slogan?
  8. The phonetic alphabet – alpha, bravo etc. – features three place names – one a city in South America, one a city in North America, and one a country in Asia. What are they?
  9. What famous palindrome was coined in translating Napoleon's alleged words on arriving in exile?
  10. What Russian word, in wide circulation in the late 1980s, described the country's growing political and economic opennesss – a feature at the time of the leadership of Mikhail Gorbachev?
  11. What word connects the following: New Orleans; New York; a 1988 film starring Tom Hanks?
  12. "The Word" is a track on which Beatles album?
  13. Sporting nicknames: Who were known as the following: Guy the Gorilla; the Rockhampton Rocket; Psycho?
  14. What ironic nickname, based on an order by the German Kaiser, did the British Expeditionary Force apply to themselves when they set out to war in 1914?
  15. A high-ranking school pupil; an embassy official; a realm of outer space. What's the connection?
  16. What name – coined to denote the average man – was adopted by a clothing brand when it launched in 1985?
  17. This phrase was used as the title of a magazine that launched in 1992, and of a film that came out in 1993. It denotes a general state of bemusement. What is it?
  18. A figure known for more than 30 years only as a sobriquet was revealed in 2005 to be someone called Mark Felt. What was the sobriquet?
  19. Which short, everyday word is reckoned to be the only one in which the letter "f" is sounded as the letter "v"?
  20. Which phrase, taken from Othello, is the collective title of a series of five marches by Elgar?

To enter the contest, just click here.

If you win, you may want to consider donating the Toshiba TV since shipping it across the pond may cost more than purchasing it at Best Buy, Costco or Sam’s.

Plus, if you win, Strategic Name Development will match the value of your donation to a recognized charity of your choice.

Good luck flexing your language knowledge.

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