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March 18, 2007

Gin Product Naming Getting a Shake-Up

Plymouth GinWilliam Dowd has an interesting post up entitled "The gin comeback is under way,” while the Authentic Bartender has one that predicts "new flavorings could make gin the new vodka."

Gin product names may be seeing a resurgence, as they seem to do every time a new Bond movie comes out. Bond’s penchant for martinis that are "" has probably been the most memorable tag line ever created for the spirits industry.

Martin Miller's GinDowd’s review of two gin brands, Martin Miller’s and Plymouth, comes to us shortly after . Both brands have had an identity shake up that sees them offered in sleek glass bottles that are almost dowdy compared to the other brand names I mention below. Dowd’s is an excellent review of gin culture and its endless competition with vodka brand names and product names.

Aviation GinLast week Slashfood reviewed another high end gin brand name: , and referred to G’Vine and Bluecoat in the post. What all these gins have in common is that they are vying for top shelf status against very established brand names like Beefeater and Gilbey’s.

It is interesting to see non-England brand names like Aviation (USA) and (USA) and (France) taking shelf space against staples like Seagram’s and Bombay. I also took Dowd’s advice to heart: when shopping for gin, remember to look for "distilled gin," "London dry gin," "dry gin" or "London dry gin” under the brand name: you don’t want to mess around with non filtered gin.

Bluecoat GinAll of these will bring back the debate over whether a martini should be shaken or stirred.

Fools of the Apocalypse has a very strongly worded post up in favor of stirring martinis as well as a ranking of top gin brand names.

Beefeater GinI disagree with his thoughts on the stirred martini, however. A shaken martini is colder, a little diluted and, because it has ice chips floating in it, stays frozen longer. The Fools’ writer can afford to put Bombay Sapphire in a G & T. Too rich for my blood but I am sure that that does make the best G & T possible.

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Posted by William Lozito at March 18, 2007 12:43 PM
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