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March 13, 2007

Dom Perignon Brand Name Too Exclusive For Its Own Good?

Despite the fact that it is a James Bond’s favorite, Dom Pérignon is a brand name that seems to have become associated with older men.

dom_logo.gifLegend has it that the product name itself comes from the 17th century monk named Piere Pérignon who discovered champagne.

Despite owner Moët & Chandon’s worries about its image, Dom Pérignon was ranked the “most prestigious” champagne last year in the Luxury Brand Status Index, ranking tops for “uniqueness and exclusivity,” “used by people who are admired and respected,” and “making those who consume it feel special across the entire experience.”

Maybe that’s its problem: Dom is seen as so exclusive and gentlemanly that nobody except James Bond feels like buying a bottle when they just want to relax or celebrate.

dom_eva.jpgDom has struck back with a sexy marketing campaign and a revamp of the bottle and packaging.

Research Studios Paris is helping to design a new “brand language” for the champagne; one of the consultants says “Dom Pérignon is such a pared-down brand, with very little story or myth, that it is all about the detail. If you get the detail wrong then the whole thing doesn’t work.”

2007_Bentley_Continental_GT.jpgThis is often the case in repositioning a brand name: subtlety is key. I think that with such an established brand, insightful brand name research is necessary to assume that the brand’s mythology is leveraged.

Other “older man brands” like Bentley and Cadillac have successfully repositioned themselves to appeal to a younger demographic.

I feel Dom seems to be doing everything right. Possibly we will see Jay-Z lifting a glass soon.

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Posted by William Lozito at March 13, 2007 8:59 AM
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