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March 2, 2007

Branding: Extreme Makeover Logo Edition For Days Inn

days_inn_logo_change_1.gifDays Inn has a new logo. The change is not earth shattering, but it does come as a culmination of a “three year renaissance” for the brand name which has been looking to solidify its position as the low cost hotel of choice.

Bill Geist, in his March 1st blog post, Days Inn: The Total Makeover, said "I'd think changing the name of a brand that has de-evolved to 'dump' status in the minds of most travelers would have been more impactful."

Others have been dismissive of the change as well, saying it is purely cosmetic, or "like putting lipstick on pigs," said one commenter on Geist's blog.

A makeover might be needed, as 2 Days Inns made the top 10 list of dirtiest hotels in the U.S. by Trip Advisor. That notwithstanding, many people are very fond of the hotels which are “all over the US” and all over the world. The brand name recognition is strong.

To the naysayer, I would add that sometimes a logo change, done in conjunction with internal rebranding, is an excellent idea. Days Inn has significant brand momentum. In the past few years travelers have seen the institution of internal brands including the DayBreak® Breakfast program, Sol Terre® bath amenities and bedding products and free high-speed Internet service.

The company has diligently worked to improve its service offering and present a fresher face to the world in its advertising, and the logo change is symbolic of a fresher, better, more modern Days Inn.

In my opinion, branding initiatives are meaningful if the transformation reflects important and authentic change. The new Days Inn logo will certainly make travelers curious and once they check in they should discover that things have changed.

Sometimes, when it comes to branding, a little change goes a long way.

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Posted by William Lozito at March 2, 2007 11:15 AM
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