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February 26, 2007

Naming Cruise Ships - Disney Taking Requests

crown_princess.jpgA post yesterday on Brent Scarcliff’s blog, Service Branding | The Magic Of Cruise Ship Naming, really got me thinking.

Brent links back to The Cruise Log by Gene Sloan, a USA Today blog, and discusses the “startling lack of imagination” that cruise lines display when naming their ships. Yes, The Princess and Norwegian lines seem to be virtually trading names, as are Carnival and Disney.

carnival-freedom.jpgThe names “Freedom," "Dawn,” “Pride,” and “Magic” seem to be popular. This post comes just as Disney announces that it will offer two bigger, sleeker liners - you can even watch them being built via webcam. John Frost at The Disney Blog is welcoming new naming ideas.

As a naming consultant, I suggest that the name of the new ships resonate with passengers and reflect the size. I must say that Disney seems to be leaving its competitors in its wake which puts the field wide open for some more adventurous naming.

disney-magic.jpgDisney cruise liners are, from one perspective, an incredible way to build the Disney brand name. As Brent points out, the weight of nautical tradition and the onus of making the name “sound like a cruise ship," as well as a a need to “be all things to all people” are the impediments here.

The name of the current flagship, “Magic,” is taken right out of Disney's brand essence to bring “magic moments” to its customers, or "family magic" as its promise. Can that name be expanded in the future? Or is it time for Disney to turn to some of the legendary names in its stable: other liners may be called “Princess” but the Cinderella name is quintessentially Disney's.

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Posted by William Lozito at February 26, 2007 9:57 AM
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Thanks for linking to The Disney Blog. I would just point out that the title of this post is a bit misleading as it's not Disney taking requests (at least not yet), it's just me running a fan blog that tracks the Disney Company and related stories.

I like where you're going with the naming idea. Nothing says that it has to be taken from the brand essence to be synergistic. I really like the idea of something Majestic (perhaps just 'Majestic')

I don't know about naming cruise ships but I wrote a couple of posts on my blog about naming spaceships and naming aeroplanes.

Your blog is very useful! Thanx!

Ya really Disney ships are very attractive and big. I like it.

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