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February 12, 2007

Lingerie Brand Names For Beginners

twisted_thrift.jpgOne of my favorite things about Valentine’s day is the chance to review the various lingerie offerings out there in search of interesting brand names to recommend to my amorous readers.

Lingerie companies seem to have a taste for great names. Knickers: A Lingerie Webog is of course the first port of call, where they have helpfully posted “25 Perfect Lingerie Labels for Valentine's Day.” Lingerie brand names that caught my eye are “Eternal Spirits,” “Lounge Lover,” “Miss Mandalay,” “Prima Donna,” “Twisted Thrift” and the weirdest lingerie name: “Bela’s Dead.”

prima_donna.jpgI also noted the new offerings by Love Lace but I think my favorite lingerie brand name for 2007 has to go to "Belabumbum", which means “beautiful bottom.”

miss_mandalay_01.jpgIt seems that the US Air Force has spent $20 million developing high-tech shorts and underwear that can be worn for weeks without washing - perfect for those of us who are so romantic that we can’t bear to part with our corsets even for two hours. This product has yet to be named but I doubt either Victoria's Secret (who just launched their interestingly named “Very Sexy For Her 2” perfume line) or Frederick’s of Hollywood will be carrying lingerie made of this stuff anytime soon.

eternal_spirits.jpgThe Fashion & Modeling blog has a great post on the dos and don'ts of lingerie buying and wearing (be yourself, work your curves) while IndieLondon has helpfully posted a Valentine lingerie buying guide that gives us some interesting tidbits: g-strings are out, they say, because women find men’s shorts more appealing, and only two percent of men find raunchy underwear sexy anyway.

Maybe boxer brand names and not silky nothings will be the big winners this year.

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Posted by William Lozito at February 12, 2007 9:03 AM
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There was a trademark conflict about a year ago concerning a lingerie line called "Sexy Little Things." A former Victoria's Secret model registered the trademark for herself, but then VS took it away from her.

See this forum thread.

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