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February 9, 2007

Hotmail Brand Name Gets to Live

msn-hotmail.jpgRichard Sim, Senior Product manager at Windows Live, has announced on his blog yesterday that Microsoft has chosen to keep the Hotmail brand name, incorporating it into its mail application as Windows Live Hotmail rather than Windows Live Mail.

The Hotmail brand name, which was acquired by Microsoft in 1998 and has been in jeopardy for a while thanks to its “historical association with spam problems,” still holds considerable equity among consumers. Most technology are pleased with this move, which will coincide with product improvements to Hotmail.

windows_live_mail.gifMr. Sim said, "By adopting the name 'Windows Live Hotmail,' we believe we're bringing together the best of both worlds - new and old. We're able to offer the great new technology that Windows Live has to offer while also bringing the emotional connection many existing and loyal users have with Hotmail."

Microsoft has made a few product naming mistakes in the past, but I must agree that this is a good move.

The Hotmail name is really synonymous with web-based mail and doing away with it would cause unnecessary confusion for the millions of users of the service. The fact the Microsoft has held on to it for so long has made the brand one of the good things we associate with Microsoft - making the service better (more competitive with Gmail and Yahoo) would be more than welcomed.

To read more about the Windows Live Brand Architecture, check out our September 22nd blog post, Brand Naming: Is Microsoft's "Live" Dead?

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Posted by William Lozito at February 9, 2007 8:17 AM
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