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February 13, 2007

A Novel Injectable Therapy Brand Name Out Of The Blue

It’s very common for us to take our health for granted, until something goes wrong.

Anyone who is, or knows of, a patient who regularly needs the dialysis procedure, has a sense of how interruptive it is in one’s lifestyle, not to mention the potential for an unintended infection.

A fair number of dialysis patients do contract an infection and for a percentage of them, it’s fatal.

zuragen-logo.pngZuragen™, a novel, injectable antimicrobial/antithrombotic therapy from Ash Access Technology, Inc., may potentially reduce the incidence of infection from the dialysis procedure. We found it a priviledge to be able to name a medical device such as Zuragen™ that offers hope to many, many dialysis patients.

We are thrilled with the outcome of a collaborative name development process that resulted in a mellifluous combination of the familiar Latin and Greek roots, Zur- for the azure blue color of the product, and Gen- for the pathogen eradication it performs.

“Zuragen™ is an exciting technology that addresses a significant unmet medical need and has the potential to be used across a wide range of patient populations,” said Bob Truitt, President of Ash Access Technology. "In working with Strategic Name Development, we were able to develop a name that both defines our product’s unique attributes and captures the excitement of technological innovation.”

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Posted by William Lozito at February 13, 2007 12:48 PM
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