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January 4, 2007

Product Names at the CES: Mishmash vs Coined Names

International CESI have been watching the news from the 40th CES in Las Vegas and reading about the incredible electronics gear that will be launched once the show starts Jan 8th.

And I cannot help but notice that electronics product names seem to fall into two camps: either mishmashes, or portmanteaus, of two words (FinePix, Streamload, Netstairs) or else one irreverent, neologism, or created word (Jadoo, Athentec.)

FinePix.gifFujifilm gets the award today for most mishmashed product name at CES thus far with its Fujifilm FinePix BIGJOB Digital Camera with the Streamload MediaMax following a close second.

It's difficult to decide which is better, although my gut feeling is that mishmashed names seem more dated and awkward than standalone, created names like Jangl (which, by the way, Gizmodo says is a tool that "lets you share phone numbers without sharing phone numbers"). Perhaps this signifies the same sort of shift to coined names that has happened with search engine naming.

LetItWave.gifI do think, however, that a witty company name like Let It Wave engenders more curiosity on my part than a name like Streamload. Neither name directly says what the company does, but one makes me want to visit the booth more.

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Posted by William Lozito at January 4, 2007 8:09 AM
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Great posts (this one and yesterday's)! One small correction: "Jadoo" isn't meaningless; it means "magic" in Urdu.

I like the idea of Jangl. I guess using the word "jingle" for a phone call is a bit archaic, so "jangle" (as in, "I've got spurs that jingle jangle jingle as I go riding merrily along") is sort of cute.

However, I've been tired of the Web 2.0 dropped-vowel naming convention for what feels like longer than Web 2.0 has been around, so I guess I'd have preferred simply naming in "Jangle".

Wow Nancy... That's a nice bit of knowledge to have. I have trouble remembering what the word for magic in *English* is on some days.

And William... Where's my radio-button for "it depends..." I want to cast my vote for that one.

And Robert... Amen to your Web 2.0 tiredness. I have a t-shirt being released on my site soon that will make you quite happy.

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