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January 27, 2007

Google is Brandchannel’s Most Impactful Brand Name of 2006

GoogleFor the second in year in a row, Google has been given the nod by sometimes controversial online branding portal as the "brand that had the most impact on our lives."

This year, 3,625 branding professionals ranked once again ahead of , followed by (which Google now owns) and . Ian at Green Gathering points out that with this announcement, "user generated websites and social media have finally hit the big time."

Tom Taulli notes that these networking newcomers just don't have to spend lots of money on advertising — really loyal users are building their brand names for them.

IkeaInteresting as well to see that the top five brands in Europe include only one Internet company name () and Google doesn’t rule: Ikea does.

Meanwhile, LogoBlog has posted The Best of 2006 Logo Trends: seems like "embellishing" is three spots above "splatting." What would product naming be without "vivid" or "glowing" logos? Nice piece.

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Posted by William Lozito at January 27, 2007 9:55 AM
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