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January 23, 2007

Brand Naming: CrashPlan Has A Very Clear Brand Promise

crashplan.jpgThere’s a new kid on the online backup block.

Code42 Software unveiled CrashPlan at MacWorld on January 8th.

Whether or not CrashPlan is really “the easiest, most reliable, and smartest backup on Earth,” it’s got a great product name and clever brand positioning. A hard drive crash is a thing to strike terror into the heart of any computer owner. If it doesn’t, it should: all hard drives fail eventually.

I think Code42’s marketing department clearly understands the value of fear as a motivator, as well as the greater emphasis Americans place on disaster preparedness these days. Your computer will crash, so plan for it.

Backup is not a particularly sexy thing to try to sell. Companies offering online backup services approach this marketing problem in a variety of ways. LiveVault sounds secure (the fear theme again). Carbonite sounds tough (ditto).

Mozy, on the other hand, sounds laid back. You can relax now, your files are backed up. EZ Backup appeals to the less tech-savvy by reassuring prospective customers that they don’t have to be computer wizards to use it.

All of these are good brand names, but none is quite as arresting as “CrashPlan." The name clearly communicates how the consumer will benefit, and alleviates the fear associated with data backup problems.

Whether "CrashPlan" motivates consumers to purchase the product is the real test.

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Posted by Diane Prange at January 23, 2007 12:20 PM
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I'd have to get on board with CrashPlan looking a lot sexier than other brands I've seen or tried to use.

Personally, I like :)

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