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January 7, 2007

Brand Names: Gearing Up for CES

International CESToday, Sunday, I am starting with a link to Dwight Silverman at TechBlog, who notes that this is going to be a banner week for two reasons: opens officially on Monday (with giving his "opening shtick" on Sunday night) and on Tuesday will give his own keynote at , dealing with all of the that have been floating around for weeks, ranging from wishes for phones to a new one about an Apple 16:9 HDTV that has yet to be named.

But be warned, it might be that nothing of interest will happen at Macworld and all the action and interesting names will be at CES. TechBlog will be blogging live from both events so check in with them for appropriate links.

And while I admire all the incredible technical blogs out there, I stumbled across a blog entitled Shiny Shiny — A Girl's Guide to Gadgets, that makes that I think are pretty good.

Brand names to watch are and (think new names for XBox).

I also will be on the lookout for news of the from ... what a great product name.

Interesting to note that many of these names were mentioned in a recent MarketWatch article that predicted a banner year for consumer electronics.

Somebody should tell the people at Strategy Analytics, who see things from a slightly less rosy perspective.

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