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December 2, 2006

New Low Cost Airline Premium Brand Travel? L’Avion, Oui!

flight-attendant.pngA "budget" premium airline has been introduced this week luxuriously linking New York with Paris for professional commuters between the two cities whom the industry has named "Paryorkers." The company changed its name from Elysair to "" after marketers discovered both French and American travelers preferred the simply French word for "airplane."

Shel Israel at Naked Conversations greets the news with a resounding "viva L’Avion." For a cool $2118 you can slip between the two cities in executive class comfort while sipping French Champagne and nibbling French food.

This new airline comes on the heels of the failure of the ill-fated and badly named "," a French airline with premium services that focused, to its detriment, on shorter routes in Europe.

Low cost premium service airlines seem to be proliferating as we head into 2007, with and competing for customers as well as newcomer which, for its part, offers environmentally friendly "" executive travel between the two destinations.

I have to say that it is interesting to see the naming strategies of these airlines. Eos, Silverjet, L’Avion and MaxJet all sound like a new, high end model of naming. All these one word brand names give off a sense of exclusivity.

man-sleeping.pngThere will be yet another new carrier on the way offering business and economy class operating between Gatwick and Hong Kong branded , referred to in the press as "Oasis." It is not quite as posh as these others but passages are offered slightly larger seats than normal and can buy cosmetic bags and better meals for a nominal sum.

Except for the MaxJet name, the other ariline brand names convey a sense of refinement. MaxJet, on the other hand, sounds pretty brash. But then again, lots of business class travelers might prefer flying MaxJet over Silverjet. It’s sort of the difference between driving a Jag and Hummer.

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Posted by William Lozito at December 2, 2006 12:23 PM
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