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December 21, 2006

Naming Our Strange Addictions

New Scientist has posted a list of names for the strange addictions that have cropped up in recent years.

Blogstreaking (revealing personal information online) is a dangerous one, owning and using a "Crackberry" is another. "Egosurfing" (Googling your name repeatedly) and Google-Stalking (snooping on your friends and associates) are all on the list and the guilty habits of not a few of us. These are related to "Photolurking" - flipping through strangers' online photo albums.

There's also Wikipediholism: you can actually take a test to find out if you need help for your excessive use and/or editing of Wikipedia. How bad can it get? According to Etre, Bryan Derksen, a Canadian salesman, is thought to have personally edited 70,000 Wikipedia entries in his spare time, and there are supposedly around 2400 Wikipediaholics out there who have edited 4,000 pages each.

One of the Geek Sisters starts her own post by saying "My name is Renata and I am an egosurfer," while also quoting from the article that Google-Stalkers can quickly look up "an uncle's mysterious son from a previous marriage, for instance, or a friend's supposedly secret lover."

One blogger on Chiaro points out that Shakespeare invented thousand of words with 600 in Latin alone. But I was amused to see that the addiction we all have to Crackberry has led one airline to replace the flashing "no smoking" sign to "turn off electronic devices." That means you, you Cyberchondriac.

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Posted by Diane Prange at December 21, 2006 12:47 PM
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I am SO an egosurfer and I didn't even realize it was a strange addiction (or had a name)! Now that you mentioned it, I remember I freaked out when Google changed its formula and knocked my name off the top of the "Brad McCall" search term for a couple days. Thanks for the virtual intervention. I guess it's now up to me to find a 10 step plan I suppose... thanks for the great blog, I've been enjoying for some time.

I've certainly been guilty of egosurfing, but only to see if I'll ever beat the other Robert Gladstein, who was quite a bit more famous than me.

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