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December 8, 2006

Links du Jour 12-08-06

The Message In Advertising Is Irrelevant - Dr. Robert Heath at the University of Bath’s School of Management has discovered that what counts is the sheer amount of emotionalism you attach to your brand name, and not exactly what your message is. Ads low on emotional content had “no effect on how favorable the public were towards brands, even if the ad was high on news and information.”

French Fries Are From Paris - Here’s a famous piece of naming history from Barry Popik: The Paris, Texas legislature seems to be under the impression that french fried potatoes originated in their town. It’s a myth that goes back to 1904 when Fletcher Davis, the inventor of the hamburger, was asked about the fried potatoes that people ate with his hamburgers, and Davis replied that he’d learned the method back in Paris (Texas). The reporter thought Davis meant Paris, France, and the name “french fried potatoes” stuck, forever named after the wrong locality.

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