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December 17, 2006

Generic Domain Names Go Big

The domain name has sold for a cool $3 million, bought by the conglomerate, which controls two thirds of the sales of premium vodka in Russia.

The buy will in all likelihood enable Russian Standard a greater presence in the US, where it hopes to gain significant market share for its brand.

According to a Reuters article on the sale, Imperia's recipe was supposedly first brewed by , the man who also invented the periodic table of the elements. David Kesmodel reports that it seems to be Vladimir Putin's favorite tipple.

According to Kesmodel, the sale seems to be regarded as "a good indication of how large corporations are starting to see the value of domains as a crucial part of their international marketing campaigns." Kesmodel reminds us that this is not the biggest generic domain name sales ever: bought for $11 million. CNN notes that sold for $7.5 million to jewelry retailer , and sold for $7.56 million in 1999.

Earlier this year, of course, for around $12-$14 million to Boston-based Escom LLC.

Some interesting alternative generic domain names are also available. has not been sold yet, it seems. In the .mobi domain we have seen dozens of generic domains sell for what one blogger calls "insane prices." In fact, .mobi may be the "name for 2006" reports Domain Name Values Weekly, with companies getting a great deal of bang for their buck for generics like, which could be used to promote a basketball team or an air-conditioning service.

If you are contemplating buying a domain name for your brand or indeed getting a generic, Tammy Lenski has a great post up for you that will help you check your brand name's availability.

On a lighter note, is for sale. One seller points out in all seriousness that this would be a great place to sell wheel rims for your Navigator that show "real pictures" as they spin. You can acquire these right now; they are sold under the brand name "Pimpstar." The cost for this domain? A mere $2500. A bargain, these days.

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Posted by William Lozito at December 17, 2006 7:12 PM
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