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December 22, 2006

Brand Naming: Trump and Gucci Go Well Together

trumptower.jpgI have been thinking about The Donald lately, mainly since he has been in the news so much.

First there has been the Miss USA Debacle that he has handled with his usual panache. YourFashionNews.Com said that "the man is an artist - and Tuesday, quite frankly, he made his masterpiece," when he publicly pardoned Miss USA for being a naughty girl. Nobody is quite sure what Tara Connor has done wrong other than get very drunk in a bar while being underage.

Trump has stamped his indelible brand name on the Miss USA pageant, essentially making it an extension of The Apprentice except with real life drama and better looking players. His public exoneration of Tara Connor at the base of the Trump Tower, the very gilded domain she had been publicly turned out of for her sins against the crown, had a sense of showmanship about it that would make both PT Barnum and Louis XIV proud.

Trump is also at war with another big name in show business, Rosie O'Donnell, for the aspersions she has cast on the Trump name. Seems that the words "bankrupt" and "Trump" shall never be seen together if The Donald can help it.

trump-gucci.jpgThe Trump Tower, the locus of the Trump Brand, will now be the site of a gargantuan Gucci store. Yes, the venerable store on 685 Fifth Ave will be closed down and a larger, more improved version will be built on 56th and 5th.

We're talking 45,000 square feet of Gucci - three floors of it. The cost? A fashionable $80 million. The Donald has said that "I consider Gucci to be the finest luxury brand and store in the world. And It is a great honor to have them in the Trump Tower". From here on in, the Trump and Gucci brand names shall forevermore be linked in New York.

Barry Hoggard at Bloggy says he does not think that "associating the Gucci name with Donald Trump is really a plus," but I disagree. Gucci is all about ostentatious, over-the-top luxury verging on the utterly tasteless and this will be its flagship store.

What better place to put it than in a Tower named after Mr. over-the-top himself? Gucci is going BIG nowadays, with its first store opening in LAX and nobody goes for Bigger and Better than Donald Trump.

By getting its name into LAX and the Trump Tower, Gucci is trading exclusivity for pure bling - it clearly wants to move from being the Jaguar E-Type of luxury clothing and jewelry brands to being the Cadillac Escalade. In other words, it possibly wants to stop being the brand of choice for your rich grandmother and start being the brand for the nouveaux riche hoi polloi - the very people who love The Donald.

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Posted by Diane Prange at December 22, 2006 3:05 PM
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