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November 20, 2006

Brand Naming: Is Gresso the New Gucci of Mobile Phones?

V3iDGUntil today I had believed the Motorola D&G RAZR v31 cell phone was pretty much the most luxurious looking cell phone out there. As I've written about before, cell phones are becoming fashion statements and the D&G RAZR is the phone you’d most expect to see on a catwalk.

Gresso Luxury PhoneNow, a new phone is on the block: the Russian made Gresso Luxury Phone, which Cell Phones Etc. says is the perfect phone to give your favorite mafia friend. I think this phone is even more pretentious than the D&G RAZR.

The name of the designer and the model are still secret and the only way to communicate with the company is via hotmail.

Even if Motorola brings out a hot pink version of the D&G RAZR, I think Gresso’s phone, every unit of which is unique and which features an eternal, patented keypad and is crafted of African Blackwood, earns Gresso the award for most over-the-top handset out there. And I must say I am impressed that the company has kept such a low profile, adding a mystique to its brand name that other fashion phone makers would like to earn.

What do you think? Which mobile phone will stand for the Gucci of mobile phones, the Gresso or the D&G RAZR?

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Posted by William Lozito at November 20, 2006 10:55 AM
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