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November 29, 2006

Links du Jour 11-29-06

Jaguar XF: S-Type replacement gets new name - Leftlane News reports that Jag is dropping the “S-Type” series in favor of “XF”. The new name creates a more consistent brand architecture, as Jag already offers the XJ and XK. Jag chief Bibiana Boerio says the new XF name will "challenge people to think again about Jaguar as daring and different." What do you think? Leftlane News reader Piablo says this: "I think they should really lay off challenging others and challenge themselves to come out with a car worthy of carrying the Jaguar name."

Intelligence Amplification - Great blog up by Brad Feld on the name “Web 3.0." In short, he prefers the phrase “Intelligence Amplification” which echoes the older name “Artificial Intelligence.” Some names that fit into this theme: Me.dium, Lijit, Collective Intellect, and HiveLive. Great read, and nice looking new site, Brad.

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Posted by William Lozito at November 29, 2006 7:45 AM
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I think the renaming of S-Type to XF is completely ridiculous ... neither name inspires (or challenges) me to want one. For me, seemingly random letters and numbers make fun descriptions of rockets ... they don't give me a feeling - and they don't say anything useful. For this instance, XF, XJ, and XK - without doing research, I can't tell anything about them ... since its a Jag, I know they're all luxury models - but which one is the high-end? Which one is more sporty than luxury, which one is more spacious ...

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