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November 8, 2006

Links du Jour 11-8-06

Turkish Cosmetics Company Changes French Name in Protest - The company changed their 24 year-old name from” François Patrick” to “MW” in protest of a French bill that makes it a punishable crime to deny the Armenian genocide.

Karmaloop Kazbah: What's Next in Streetwear - The interestingly named Karmaloop Kazbah is aggressively promoting little known brand names in an attempt to become a “"global underground marketplace”. Edgy company names like Greedy Genius and Buff Monster will be getting some play here and it has issued a call from brand submissions.

More Funky Brand Names - Los Folsom had an entertaining post on his blog yesterday. He mentions a clothing brand called “Big Yanks” for men and defunct sneaker brand names like “Copa 83” and “Nado Super Primo”. These pale in comparison, he says, to kids’ pants with product names such as “Smacks” and “Uncle Charlie’s”.

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