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November 9, 2006

SUV Branding: Mitsubishi Plans to "Out Everything"

Mitsubishi OutlanderIf you pick up your November issue of Car & Driver or Autoweek, you'll see that Mitsubishi plans to “Out Everything” the competition with a new ad campaign based on the word "out". The campaign underscores how the new Outlander Compact SUV outclasses and outperforms its competition, according to Mike Nash, director of advertising, Mitsubishi Motors North America.

The company has launched a website,, to further communicate its branding message. The emphasis of the campaign is on the performance heritage of the company and the superiority of the Outlander model, and I think "outeverything" communicates that well.

The true test will be whether the 2007 Outlander Compact SUV will indeed "OutFast," "OutBlast," and "OutMusic" its competition in consumers' minds.

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Posted by William Lozito at November 9, 2006 7:19 AM
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Will they also be coming 'out' of the closet?!

I'm not sure if that brand name extension has been slated but obviously it would be more correct for them to put out a very flamboyant model and say they are out-outing the competition.

Is this going to be the next suburu outback?

what is the name of the song used in the "Out everything" Mitsubishi commercial

Oddly enough, I'm pretty sure that's "Blindness" by The Fall. It's really not a very happy song:

The flag is evil
Welcome: living leg-end

I was walking down the street
I saw a poster at the top

I was only on one leg
The streets were f**ked

And the poster at the top of street said:
“Do you work hard?”

I was only on one leg
The road hadn't been fixed
I had to be in for half six

I was only on one leg
My blue eyelids were not
There was a curfew at half nine
For my kids

There was a poster at the top of the street
Encapsulated in plastic
It had a blind man

So I said: “Blind man, have mercy on me.”
I said: “Blind man, have mercy on me.”

The flat is evil and full of cavalry and Calvary
And calvary and cavalry.

“Do you work hard?”
It said, “I am from Hebden Bridge.
Somebody said to me: I can't understand a word you said."

Said: “ 99% of non smokers die”
“Do you work hard?”
“Do you work hard?”

I was walking down the street
And saw a picture of a blind man

The flat is evil
Of core? cavalry and calvary

Of core(?)
Blind man, have mercy on me
Said, blind man, have mercy on me

I am a ?
My blues eye get…ID/I get
My curfew was due half eight
Now its half past six

My curfew is at 9:30
I said. “Do you?”
Blind man! Have mercy on me
Blind man! Have mercy on me
Blind man! Have mercy on me

I’m on one leg
My eyes can’t get fixed
And my kids
Can’t blue eyes get fixed

Blind man! Have mercy on me
Blind man! Have mercy on me

yo yo, this car is tight. I love this song so much. I need the music to ride too. My ladies are fly I've gotta rock out. Peace out homes'

great song,
it's called Blindness by the Fall..
however dont try to get it on itunes..
it's all screwd up..
You can buy the fall album Fall Heads Roll..

I'm sort of sure the phrase "I was walkin' down the street comes from an old Van Morrison song. Somebody please tell me. Thanks

It is the Fall (Blindness) The coolest thing about The Fall is they can perform an eight minute song about walking down the street and seeing a sign encapsulated in plastic on a telephone pole that says "Do you work hard?" and as the listener you don't realize thats what its about. I have followed them since 1980 and its strange to hear the mitsi commercial ten times a day and know people are hearing my favorite group and thinking stupid things like "it comes from a Van Morrison song".

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