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November 14, 2006

Brand Naming: Paris Hilton Launches New "Heiress" Fragrance

Paris Hilton's new fragranceParis Hilton just launched a new fragrance named “Heiress” and the blogosphere has been very vocal about it. Check out the comments on Haute Gossip's blog for some creative names people are suggesting the new fragrance should really be called.

After the launch of two frangrances in March, Paris has again seized the opportunity her very well-known name has given her, despite the fact that she is hardly a model of virtue. The new book that profiles Paris and her family, entitled “House of Hilton”, attempts to cast light on how Paris became a bigger brand than the hotel chain started by her forebears.

Love her or hate her, she has an immense effect on fashion and style today. She even has made it into the realm of political debate and has her own brand channel on YouTube.

According to the book, Paris is not quite as rich as she makes out to be, and if she wants to live the lifestyle we all associate with her, she has to work. Sometimes even hire lookalikes to do her work for her. And work she has, by tirelessly branding herself.

What's your opinion on the name of Paris Hilton's new fragrance? Vote below:

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Posted by William Lozito at November 14, 2006 11:12 AM
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Ow! Some nasty comments at that link of you provided!

Paris Hilton is one of the few people in the world that's famous because she is famous. She brands herself because she just can, because she is famous already. No one else can really go around branding themselves because they aren't famous.

To be sure, she's probably being a little clever by doing this, but only for now. When she gets older (and less sexy-- although, I am a guy, and I don't think she is really THAT attractive) she is going to run into problems.

Big respect for her sister though, who is building her own fashion brand and company and not just branding herself. I saw her sister on TV once and not only was she prettier, but she just seemed to have her head on her shoulders as well. Plus, I didn't see an ugly dog anywhere so I think maybe she doesn't have one. And I'm really not a fan of Paris Hilton's dog, that's for sure!

Hmmm... went to take a look at the book link you posted above. I found this quote from Jerry Oppenheimer interesting :

"I came away from this research with a lot of sympathy for Paris. I came away feeling a bit sympathetic for her because I don't think she had a chance to do anything besides what she is doing."

I wonder what he means by that? I suppose we have to buy the book to find out. Nicky, her sister, appears to be doing a little better for the long-term. Maybe, in the end, Paris isn't so bad after all though... I guess the whole celebrity culture can erk anyone.

You’ve actually given a good name – LOVE HER, HATE HER. Isn’t that nice? Of course we can’t use the name Escape (from prison) because Escape is already taken and she did not attempt to escape right? Or can we name it Drink and Drive? That’s a bit too un-Paris. But let’s admit it, no matter what this girl does she still catches the limelight. I can’t wait for another scene in the heiress fairy tale.

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