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November 7, 2006

Brand Australia is Tops Today

AussieThe "Australian brand" beat the United States and Italy, in the second annual Country Brand Index 2006 (CBI). The recent announcement was made at the London World Travel Market, which is being closely watched by Darren Cronian of the Travel Rants Blog.

Probably no one is going to be more surprised today than the Australians themselves - the Talk of Town blog has one Adelaide resident wondering if countries should be brand names at all. Well, of course they can and are. Some point out that this ranking means that the controversial Bloody Hell campaign seems to have worked after all.

Country BrandsWell, not so fast.

Because the CBI ranks countries according to travel trends, Australia has cashed in - it wasn’t just the slogan. Tourism Australia has also been tirelessly touting the virtues of the country to Europeans, and one representative stated yesterday that “The Aussie character, matched by such a unique natural environment, ensures Australia is one of the most desired countries to visit in the world.”

Country BrandsCountries to watch are China, Croatia and the United Arab Emirates as future contenders for the title. The aggressive promotion of the Australian brand name coupled with the country’s natural appeal probably swung the day for the Australians. It is also third place in the category of “country easiest to do business with” and second to New Zealand for “best country for outdoor sports/activities”.

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Posted by William Lozito at November 7, 2006 8:45 AM
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Thanks for the mention :)

I'm at the WTM right now - it's manic, but I'm loving it! The Australia stall lacks imagination, which is opposite to the Bloody Hell campaign, which I thought was great!!

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