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October 26, 2006

Links du Jour 10-26-06

NEC and PanasonicNEC and Panasonic create ESTEEMO for joint mobile phone development - It will be a new company that will produce basic handsets for both brand names. Panasonic and NEC will each  take these handsets and add “original design, software and other values.” The ESTEEMO company name is a combination of the words “esteem” and “mobile” that expresses the mutual goodwill between the two companies. All About Mobile Life blog thinks this is a very good idea.

NorskVodka brand upsets Norway - George at The Webtender reports that Smirnoff has angered Norwegian liquor producer Arcus by attempting to present its new Norsk brand name as Norwegian (Norsk in Norwegian actually means “Norwegian”.) Smirnoff says that the brand name is actually “Nørsk”, which is meaningless.

I have to say that the word certainly makes me think it is Norwegian and Smirnoff concedes that it does want the product name and packaging to convey “Nordic” features (Note they are careful not to say "Norwegian features”.) Also note that when you Google the word “Nørsk” nothing comes up but the word “Norsk” certainly does bring up the brand name, and every page I look at sells the Vodka as “Norsk”.

What do you think?

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