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October 18, 2006

Links du Jour 10-18-06

Perrier AdPerrier Plays With Its Venerable Brand to Draw Younger Fans - Consumerlab feels Perrier is trapped in the 80's. They are “channeling” words that end in –ier, like Sassier, Prettier, and Riskier, allowing drinkers to “update” the product name. Does anyone want to suggest some other “-ier” product names that would fit well on the label? Here’s your chance.

RATPParis Metro Launches "Respect" Campaign - The Paris RATP has launched an aggressive online/offline initiative that includes a video game prompting subway riders in the city to show “respect” for one another.

The aptly named “Respect” campaign suggests that modern humans have “evolved” far enough so that they do not need to slash seats or leave fast food detritus on the floor. The stat of the day? Paris could buy 30 new trains per year with the money they lose from fare dodgers. Pas bon.

IntegrysEnergy company attempts to adjust to post-Enron world, but “WeLoveGrandma” name already taken. - Thought-provoking post about the new company name resulting from the merger between Peoples Energy and WPS Resources: "Integrys". Tate Linden also discusses the principles of "aspirational naming" and "reactionary naming".

Also check out the interesting discussion of the new company name, Integrys, at the laysciencebuff blog.

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