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October 17, 2006

Links du Jour 10-17-06

iPod PhoneApple seeks rights to iPhone trademark - The Apple Insider blog reports that Apple has filed for a trademark on the name iPhone, "suggesting the company plans to use the moniker." This makes sense from both a strategic and nomenclature perspective.

This post, and its many comments, also illustrates how popular it has become for consumers to have an interest in discussing product naming strategies. Some of the commenters are discussing what Apple should name their next device, and which naming techniques are "getting old" (like the letter "i".)

Digital MillenialsMillennials Emerge as Co-Purchasers - Kelly Mooney has some valuable thoughts on the buying habits of today’s teens, which marketers have given the name “Millennials”. The branding and naming implications? Know that they value authenticity, instant gratification, and use their cell phones as their “lifelines”. They also use their online and offline peer networks to making purchase decisions...and these are significant.

Sony VaioSony itself joins the battery recall brigade - More bad news for the beleaguered technology and electronics brand name. The battery fiasco might damage a brand name that was once considered synonymous with quality - and as The Money Times points out, the high price of the upcoming Playstation 3 will not help matters.

QuarkXPress Server 7Quark debuts QuarkXPress Server 7 - The product name has been changed from Quark Dynamic Document Server for the sake of accuracy. An excellent move.

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