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October 11, 2006

Links du Jour 10-11-06

NameWhy Blinkx Didn't Get the YouTube Deal - Robert Scoble comments on why the YouTube brand name works, while Blinkx doesn't work. He talks about not being able to pronounce the name, about the importance of being able to spell it right, and about an easily recognizable logo. By the way, Google's not the only company investing in Internet video. Microsoft just announced a partnership with Blinkx to provide video search for

NameApple Buys U2 for $1.8B - This is a funny post that anyone with an interest in Apple's various branding and naming initiatives would enjoy. You have to read this for yourself. Well written, Chris.

NameWorkspace Product Name Already Used - Paul Wilkinsin has some interesting comments on Asite's announcement of a new product name. Asite has seemingly inadvertently relaunched a two-year-old product name (Workspace). Wilkinsin wonders whether a competitor in the same software market, Union Square, will take kindly to Asite using the same product name as them. By the way, the same name has also been used by Groove and IBM.

NameSymantec and the Big Security 2.0 Lie - Symantec is offering a new product called Security 2.0 to compete with Microsoft's new security products embedded in Vista. They have launched some new product names that Alessandro Perilli feels are quite simply redundant, including Norton Confidential Online Edition, Symantec Database Security, and Symantec Mail Security 8300 Series.

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