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October 8, 2006

Links du Jour 10-08-06

soup.pngCause Marketing — Campbell's Soup - I’m a little late with this news but it is worth noting that the initiative to turn their cans pink through the month of October has garnered some serious press. Holly Buchanan at Marketing to Women Online has an interesting post up that reflects how many women must feel about this CSR initiative that sees one of the country’s best known brand names literally going pink.

wozbizcard.jpgPlugged, Woz and Seven Minutes of Flock - The Scobleizer has an interesting post up about his interview with The Woz and his thoughts on receiving 's business card, a picture of which is posted on the Unofficial Apple Weblog. Scoble reckons Woz's card (which has been found on ebay for $500) is the coolest he has ever seen, and he should know. Probably any card from such a luminary would be interesting, but this does remind me that in the corporate naming game, stationery and business cards have their very important part to play.

spa-conditioner.pngHotel Toiletries as Brand Extensions - Daryl Ohrt seems to be reading my mind about the importance of toiletries in building a hotel brand name. Using interesting packaging and names, in-house toiletries add a personalized touch to a hotel that is hard to underestimate... and these days, making sure your guests have toiletries after an airline flight is a brand name building exercise in and of itself, as I have said before.

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