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October 4, 2006

Links du Jour 10-04-06

WolverineX Marks the Spot - The name of everybody’s favorite member of the X-Men is Wolverine. He’s the most searched-for X-Men name on the Internet, with searches up 19% recently. The new DVD is being prepared for release and a fourth movie is in the making.

Wolverine has never been stronger, it seems. A company called Wolverine Data has just launched the new Wolverine ESP media player. It looks like a serious contender against the Video iPod and it's getting some very admirable reviews.

YouTube and NapsterAnalysts don't like YouTube's chances - Copyrighted material will probably be removed from YouTube once the hugely popular web service gets sued…and loses, argues CNET. Two analysts at Forrester Research have painted a dim view of the future of the YouTube brand, as did research firm IDC and HDNet founder Mark Cuban. It would only take one unhappy company, like Disney, Sony, CBS or News Corp, to sink YouTube because so many users share material under copyright. The YouTube brand might go the way of the original Napster brand.

Checkout imagesCan Multivariate Tests Reduce Your Shopping Cart Abandons? - Marketing Sherpa has posted a report on how you should name the shopping cart on your ecommerce page as well as terms you should use to prevent customers from abandoning their electronic shopping carts.

  • Terms like “Easy Checkout” and “Checkout in 60 seconds” are good
  • "BuildDirect Discounted Price" beat out “Grand Total”
  • Blue “click here to order” buttons can increase online sales over 10%

Just a few name changes can make all the difference it seems.

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