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October 3, 2006

Links du Jour 10-03-06

ReadyBoostWindows Vista: ReadyBoost - William Computer Blog has an interesting post up about the new ReadyBoost feature offered on the platform that allows you to plug in your removable flash memory device to boost your system performance. This enables iPod users to add more memory to Windows, and that could advance the symbiosis between the two product names.

NXPPhilips Completes Sale of Chip Unit Stake - Philips has now completed the sale of its chips unit to a group of private investors and the entity has now had its name changed to NXP Semiconductors. Cost? About $8 billion. This is an interesting sell-off of this well-known corporate name and follows a slew of other chip maker brand names who have sold out: names like Freescale and Intel have cashed in their chips.

The name of the URL that NXP secured to launch the company is, which helps support their brand positioning.

SongbirdA Look at Songbird - Songbird is the name of a new media player on Firefox and it’s pretty nifty. I’m intrigued by some of the product names that come bundled with it: the default music search engines are “Elbows” and “Singing Fish”, and you don’t change “skins” you change “feathers.” They don’t offer a beta version, either: they call it an “Almost 0.2 Test Flight”. Great product naming here that adds differentiation and character to the brand.

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