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October 1, 2006

Links du Jour 10-01-06

Judy's BookWhen Local Gets Social - A very interesting post on Duct Tape Marketing about local/social websites. Only 3% of all commerce is off the Internet but buying decisions are made all the time off the web. Social networking sites are the big drivers for this: Jon Jantsch points out that people turn to places like and for everything from piano tuners to plumbers. He points out that promoting your company name should take place within this medium, and coupons and offers are a great way to get noticed.

LiveJournalLiveJournal Pushes Ad-Sponsored Communities, Features - On the other hand, Marshall Kirkpatrick at TechCrunch wonders whether ’s ad-sponsored Internet communities aren't guilty of a basic violation of the social website concept that has proven so successful on . Coupons and giveaways are very common all over the Internet, he argues. Rather, companies should sponsor features on the networking site itself to get promoted (like SMS integration services). As social networking sites become part of every brand name strategy, this debate is likely to become more and more intense.

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