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October 19, 2006

Company Naming: Verizon Launches Idearc

VerizonVerizon just announced a spin-off of its U.S. print and Internet yellow pages directories that is to be named Idearc, Inc. (pronounced EYE-dee-ark).

The Internet element is named and includes Verizon Information Services. One of the employees at the new company, Chris Smith, posted an interesting blog in support of the new corporate name, which is clearly a combination of the words “idea” and “arc.”

Idearc logoThe palettes of the three natural colored arcs around the word have been chosen with care. According to the Verizon press release, the gray arc links with Verizon’s “print product design”, the green arc to, and the blue arc symbolizes the “future."

Smith thinks the name is “a lot friendlier” than “Verizon” and I agree that the name’s presentation, typography and colors are much softer and more natural-looking than the techie feel of Verizon’s. However, I must confess that when I first saw the name and logo scheme, I thought I was seeing a word pronounced “EYE-deerk.”

SuperPages.comI think Idearc’s spelling and its tricky pronunciation might confuse people at first when they try to Google it after hearing about it in passing. The company’s marks will be “Idearc” and “Idearc Media”, which, if you say them aloud, are tongue twisters, but not quite as difficult as Idearc, Inc.

I would be very interested to know if others share my difficulty in pronouncing and spelling this new name.

For more info regarding the financial implications of the spin off, check out Jon Ogg' resourceful post at his 24/7 Wall St. blog.

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Posted by William Lozito at October 19, 2006 8:53 AM
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