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October 23, 2006

Branding the Tabbed Browser: IE7 Versus Firefox 2.0

IE7The recent launch of Internet Explorer 7 for Windows, which Microsoft briefly considered naming Internet Explorer 7+ in its Vista version, has brought the word “tab”, as in “tabbed browsing”, into the lexicon of computer users worldwide.

Of course, Mozilla Firefox has offered its loyal users that for awhile now, and they are indeed familiar with the name and the utility it provides.

So, it seems clear that the release of IE7 an attempt to get the attention of these very loyal users who will be officially enjoying the new Firefox 2.0 upgrade tomorrow (you can have a first look here.)

FirefoxIEObviously, “tabbed browsing” is the way of the future for computer users and I have found it amusing to see all the questions popping up from confused Internet Explorer users who seem to be struggling to understand it.

Mozilla has taken great care to differentiate its product from Microsoft’s, but I am sure that the new release must have them on the edge of their seats this week as they watch how IE 7 users react to “tabbed browsing”. One thing is for sure: if enough people who upgrade (or are upgraded) to IE 7 get angry with the product, the Firefox brand is likely to take a big leap forward.

GoogleFoxI also have to wonder, just like the writers at Blogs for Firefox, what role the Google brand name plays in the new release. Google is “close to the Mozilla team” and their marketing muscle will indeed help Mozilla promote its new product. How close will the corporate names be linked?

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Posted by William Lozito at October 23, 2006 1:08 PM
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